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Bilboquet - FLOS Bilboquet - FLOS Bilboquet - FLOS
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Bilboquet - FLOS
Bilboquet - FLOS
Bilboquet - FLOS

Bilboquet - FLOS

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Table lamp with adjustable head. Integrated LED bulb and cut-off providing direct lighting . Body made of a special pigmented polycarbonate deriving from a by-product of paper production rather than from petroleum. Adjustability through steel sphere treated with protective layer deposited in PVD. Useful length of the cable 2 mt. The cable can be adjusted and locked in place through a special slit in the base of the lamp. The product has been designed according to the ISCC standards and it is assembled with total absence of glued components so that it can be completely separated for future recyclability.

Material description :
Colour: Tomato
Voltage: 220-250V
Cord Length: 200 cm 
Not Dimmable

Sizes : 
10,4 x 59,5 x H. 20,3 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days in this finishing. 

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**Sales on showroom model

8 - 10 weeks


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