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R.I.G. desk - MA/U STUDIO R.I.G. desk - MA/U STUDIO
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R.I.G. desk - MA/U STUDIO
R.I.G. desk - MA/U STUDIO

R.I.G. desk - MA/U STUDIO

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The modular R.I.G. shelving system is able to transform into any number of low profile furniture solutions suitable for the living room, study, entrance hall and dining room, including television stands, small tables for lighting, credenzas and low height bookcases.

To simplify: uniqueness vs. coordinated. A methodized precise concept, modelled on basic needs and the environment. R.I.G. is a system and, as such, it is both starting and landing point. In the middle of the process, choices are dictated by creativity, taste and needs.

In the living area, R.I.G. can be arranged into bookcases, tabletops, low furniture for audio and video systems. It can decorate the walls or left freestanding in a room. Combines smart quality of modularity with the aesthetic value of each independent elements, because of the unique structural lightness and materials that furnish the accessories: shelves in different depths and contained modules.

The thickness of the shelves ranges from the already existing measures (0.6 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.9 cm, 2.2 cm), to the 2022 introduction : 3.5 cm. Moreover, the shelf can be placed on the highest level of the composition, at the very top of it.

Dimensions: 168 x 51 x H.148

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